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  • Postgraduate Scholarships

According to the individual features, the Department may award scholarships to graduate students, which usually involve the obligation to perform auxiliary research and / or teaching. The scholarships are granted for at most two (2) years in which students prepare for MSc and three (3) at most year after the acquisition of the MSc for students studying for PhD. The relevant instructors renew the scholarships at the beginning of each academic semester and the summer period following an assessment of research and teaching work and positive recommendation. The evaluations and recommendations submitted to the Graduate Studies Committee at regular periods, namely:


(A) For the autumn semester until September 15th

(B) For the spring semester by December 15th

(C) For the summer period to June 15th


Then, the Graduate Studies Committee, taking into account the assessments and recommendations of teachers, the potential and the general policy of the Department, submits a recommendation for renewal of grants to the President of the Department. The timely filing up of individual evaluations / recommendations is a necessary condition for renewal of scholarships.